Top 10 Reasons to have Dual Monitors

Top 10 Reasons to have Dual Monitors

Are you the only one using a single monitor? Seriously? There have been thousands of blogs and articles written about the advantages of multiple screens and how they increase productivity. To save you some time, I’m just going to give you the top 10 reasons why you need to upgrade to multiple displays.

  1. People with only one monitor will envy you. Maybe not the best reason, but two (or three) monitors on your desk definitely look very cool.
  2. Less potential to get off track. True, you may keep your Facebook open all day on one monitor. But at least you can have your work open on the other constantly reminding you to get back to work.
  3. It’s so easy and inexpensive, why not? With the cost of most flat panels falling to under $100 combined with the fact that every laptop and most desktops are dual monitor capable, what reason do you have to not take advantage?
  4. Engage all your social media connection while still staying on task If you engage in any kind of business networking (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc), you know that keeping up with the constant update streams can be hugely distracting. Some designers use Skype for video conferencing with clients or colleagues. If this is the case for you, a second screen can make it easier to keep up with the updates and still have normal access to your primary screen and stay on task.
  5. Easy to compare your work. Whether you’re looking at different versions of documents, spreadsheets, or images, if you work on more than application at a time, dual screens will eliminate the headache of switching. In these situations it’s easier, quicker, and generally more effective to compare side-by-side using two screens rather than flipping back and forth constantly.
  6. Sharing Data Between Applications Can Be Easier Not only do most professionals work with multiple programs at once, but sharing data is also very common, for example copying and pasting from one application to another. These things can be streamlined with the help of a second screen. Moving from one screen to the next is often easier than using multiple applications on one screen.
  7. Works Well with Laptops and Allows for Flexibility Most of us work from laptops nowadays. Setting up an additional monitor is a no brainer with most laptops. This allows the professional to have an office with a dual screen set up, but still allows for flexibly as it is easy to disconnect the second monitor and take the laptop wherever you need to go. Setting it up is simple, and taking the laptop somewhere else only takes a minute.
  8. Keep Email or your Calendar Open on One Screen If you’re interested in being more connected and accessible to clients or to other professionals in your network, you may find that a second screen can make this much more feasible. While you may be using the primary screen for the bulk of your work, you could have your email or calendar open all the time in a second browser. While this practice is normally associated with reduced productivity, using a second screen for this purpose can help you to still stay focused on your work while allowing you to quickly scan what is coming through (and respond promptly) with a minor impact on your work.
  9. Professionals Often Use Multiple Programs Simultaneously Most professionals have some type of workflow that would benefit from using multiple programs at any given time. Maybe you’re flipping back and forth between Firefox and MS Word, or maybe Outlook and Excel. Whatever the case may be, it’s very rare that today’s modern professional would only have one program open and would not be moving around at least periodically. Since using multiple programs is such a frequent occurrence for most of us today, having a second screen can reduce or eliminate this juggling act and make our day more productive.
  10. Increased Productivity The biggest advantage for anyone is an increase in productivity. There have been a number of studies performed over the years that have attempted to calculate the change in productivity from using multiple monitors. According to one study, productivity increases an average of 42% when using multiple displays. The Pfeiffer Report from 2005 found that improved productivity could result in an ROI of several thousand dollars per year. Likewise, a study conducted by the University of Utah and NEC found 10% increases in productivity and 20% reduction in errors for workers that were using multiple monitors. Why is there such a huge increase in productivity? Just see all the reasons above.

Thinking of finally adding that second monitor? Let us know if we can help. You’ll be surprised at how such a small investment can have such a huge impact on your productivity.

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