about hobits

HoBITS Technologies offers technology services to all types of business clients from home to small businesses. We offer a wide array of onsite computers services such as consulting, networking, computer repair, troubleshooting, install new computer equipment, servers and server management, wireless technologies, training on software or hardware, database, software installation and application development . Many small businesses do not have an internal technology division like larger corporations do, and they only have the IT need for a few printers and computers.

This is our niche, we provide the same professional IT services any other big player in the industry will do, but we focus in clients with less than than 15 nodes (computers, printers, servers, wireless devices, etc.) as a fraction of the cost. See our pricing table for complete pricing information.

Why Do We Do This?

We do this, because not only it's our expertise, but it is also our passion. Just like yourself, we are a firm with an entrepreneurial spirit and we know the meaning of maximizing production at a reduced cost. This is our way of giving back to the community and help our fellow Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with their IT needs at a reduced cost.

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