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Computer Configuration

At HoBITS, we don’t only understand technology, but we understand the trends that captivate our minds with hundred of false-positive computer issues. Let us, be the guys who will help you save money, time and repairs on your computers from now on.

Computer Setup & Configurations

Let's get that new computer setup right...

Laptop & Desktop Configuration

Think about it, a few years ago everyone was worried about computers not being able to work after 1999 (that was almost 20 years ago); you would have never thought you were going to request a ride from a stranger (that would be Uber), or let people you don’t know stay at your house for a couple of dollars (ever heard of AirBnB). The same way, you would never think your desktop or laptop computer was going to be sitting at home or in a hotel room because now, you can do anything and everything from your smartphone.

However, the risk of failure, crashing your computer, or your device being stolen is still a harsh reality. Good news is that electronic devices can be replaced relatively cheap as the cost for these devices has decreased significantly … BUT the one thing you will never be able to replace will be your data, contacts, financial information, usernames, passwords, documents, emails, pictures, confidential information, memories, etc. So, why do we keep storing those in our computers? 

you should be able to replace your computer the same way you replace a TV.

Data Backup & Recovery Setup

Today, computer repair is still a huge business, and the only reason why that is still in effect is because consumers are not aware that when they take a computer to get repair or upgraded 98% of those systems are already obsolete, so the repair or upgrade of a computer sometimes is as costly as a brand new computer.

This is the opportunity for many computer stores to be able to sell you a refurbished computer at a lower cost. Then, on top of that, they offer you an extra year “peace of mind warranty”. When you come out of the store, you are possibly saving a couple of dollars, but your situation is still the same because you just purchased a new older computer.

The ideal way to prevent this is by helping you set up the computer correctly for YOUR use or YOUR BUSINESS use from the beginning. This is where we shine, we offer you a proactive solution to future issues, with hardware, software and most importantly, YOUR DATA! Setup your appointment today to get you started right away.

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