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Technology with Vision

With HoBITS, not only you will find the expertise to get you going but the vision to be able to help you achieve the next step without getting a second mortgage in your house to relieve your technology expenses.

Our Services

so many different great convenient features, let us help you setup.

Smart Phone Setup & Configuration

Yay!!! Brand new phone, but you don’t know how to move your contacts, emails, pictures, backup data, documents, or maybe a new operating system? Perhaps you need to synchronize all your data with your current computers or online service so you will always have everything handy but without being redundant? Maybe you want to get some shortcuts on the phone so when you work on your Social Media posts it can be a lot easier than typing the same thing over and over?

Let us help you get everything setup, we gotcha!

so you got a new computer? let's set it up the right way.

Desktop & Laptop Configuration

Well, there is not wrong way to actually setup a computer, but there is a productive way to get it done. Furthermore, there is a way where you can be 99.9% safe from viruses, malware, etc. In addition to that, you can have your system running smoothly at all times.

Usually computer stores will have you in and out quickly, as there is a risk of time consumption if the techs get into your system to reconfigure something that you were not aware of it. Most of the time the one thing computer stores and technicians do not want to hear “it was not like that before you touched it!” and for that reason, they leave your custom configuration to yourself.

This is where we shine! We will sit down with you to do an assessment of your task and select the best configuration for your use, we will let you know what it is, and the advantages of it, and we will implement it for you, and train you on it. More than likely, this will save you additional trips to a computer store for another repair.

So many options around, now keep your objective in mind...Sales!

Web Services

So, cool…let’s make a website! It’s just that easy!

With us by your side, it is. We will make sure that all your details are in place, from domain registration and hosting to web design, development, landing pages, e-commerce, graphics, Search Engine Optimization, Google placement, positioning, etc.

This, is what we do best. So, do you want to spin your wheels re-inventing the wheels or do you want someone who has done this day in and day out in order to get you setup correctly, and leave you to the task of running your businesses and making money?

Let’s get started right now…

Hey...let's post it on ... wait ... where should we post?

Social Media Marketing & Managing

The art of managing and marketing Social Media for a business is a completely different monster on itself. Does it works? 

Well, when you consider that mostly every major brand advertises between 4 to 12 times a day on any specific given platform, the answer should be obvious. 

Yes, social media marketing WORKS…and as long as you do it correctly, the benefits your product, service or brand can get out of it are amazing.

Easy? No, nothing is easy…but it is not complex since this is what we do every day, we have been able to adapt to the trends and we can get your brand out there with a bit of work.

You now have the opportunity to compete with BIG BRANDS…this is your chance, get started today.

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