Not one more of the bunch...

Technology with Vision

With HoBITS, not only you will find the expertise to get you going but the vision to be able to help you achieve the next step without getting a second mortgage in your house to relieve your technology expenses.

Our Services

Smart Phone Setup & Configurations

You just purchased the latest and greatest Smartphone? Great, let's get it setup and configured properly to make sure you do not loose any pictures, videos, contacts, or notes in the event that it crashes, get lost or stolen. We will make sure your data is always backed up and protected. Get started today!

Computer Configuration

You just got a new laptop or desktop, you need the additional malware or applications you purchased with it? Let us come up and clean it up, and set it up for exactly what you need, and at the same time make sure that your computer is backed up and protected so you wont have to do this all over again. Let's get started!

Complete Web Services

So, you want a new website, or revamp your current one. Well, let's talk about all the stuff behind the building of a new website, or let's not and let us take the lead to make your business fully automated on the web. Either way, we can help you today.

Social Media Services

So many little tricks and new technologies when it comes to social media, the fact of the matter is that this industry is always changing and one size fits most tools does not applies to it. We have to be dedicated to your industry without re-inventing the basics. This is what we do.

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